Saturday, October 02, 2010

Get Native

(Not sure why Blogger did this - puts up two images at my post - but just click on the topmost image for the video)

You can also access via YouTube here.

Every afternoon at the convention center 2nd floor mezzanine, this impromptu drum circle starts up. Very infectious activity, and you just can't help but get the groove and start dancing. 

I had already shut my camera off just after this clip, and missed filming a sweet retired couple who arm-in-arm were hopping and dancing towards the escalators with goofy happy grins on their faces.

For those AARPy convention folks that want to join in, here's a few simple guidelines for participating - yeah, there is an etiquette to it!

Listen before you leap:

•Listen to your fellow players.

•Take off rings or any jewelry that might damage a drum before you play.

•Don't play louder than your fellow drummers.

•Don't pick up someone else's drum and play. Ask. A cloth or sweater over an unattended drum, or an upside-down drum, usually means hands off.

•Don't showboat. If you want to solo, the facilitator will usually give you a chance.
...advice from Tommy "Purple" Hayes who facilitates a drum circle, "Drums From Heaven".


Celia said...

Wow, if I listened to that first thing in the morning it would be better than coffee!

Ronni Bennett said...

That'll energize you when walking through a gigantic convention all day has worn you down.

joared said...

Yeah! I heard a bit of the drumming as I watched some streaming video, too.

Kay Dennison said...

Love it!!!!!!