Friday, October 01, 2010

Party Tonight!

I am getting excited about tonight's musical offering at the Orlando AARP convention: Gloria "I Will Survive" Gaynor and the World Class Dance Party (a hearty mixture of old rock musicians who have it still going on - talk about survive with flair), and the uber wonderful Los Lobos! 


The World Class Rockers include band members from Steppenwolf, Journey, Toto, Lynyrd Skynyrd,  Santana, and Boston. 

Which begs the much rock talent can one theater hall hold?

I'll keep you posted on that answer.


Ronni Bennett said...

Oh. Santana. I am so jealous.

Celia said...

I loved Journey (formed out of old Santana band members), Santana, and Gloria Gaynor, ah the days when I used to go dancing. Boogie down for us.

joared said...

Hope you've had a great time since it's about midnight there as I type this.

I'd enjoy Santna, too.

Watched live streaming video today -- Matalin and Carville. Those with hearing loss might be interested to know those sessions are captioned. Look forward to Whoopi Goldberg tomorrow (Sat.)