Saturday, October 02, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Dateline: Orlando@50+ AARP Convention

So many weighty topics, great speakers and a sense of joyfulness in every venue - that's been my day.  From Whoopi Goldberg and Larry King, to Rob Reiner and Judy Collins, I've literally had stars in my eyes.

From my notes:

"Kids today don't want 15 minutes of fame, they want 15 mgs of fame." ( I might have to turn in my press badge - apologies that I am not sure whom to attribute this to, but I think it was Vint Cerf - father of the Internet, in  this morning's Closing Session.)
"The digital world will be perfect when it becomes transparent - like electricity."  
"Nasa has plans to bring you weather on Mars with a click on the internet in the near future." -Jeff Cole - USC Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future

"CHECK YOUR SOURCES!"  Whoopi wisdom when asked what advice she would give to new media journalists.

"I'm not who I was the day before she died anymore." - Whoopi when queried about how she was coping with the recent loss of her mother.

I had a few technical glitches with equipment - fully intending to bring you more visuals, but I did not tote along my own camera from home; relying on new stuff you don't have much experience with is a big no no for future reporting gigs. 

And a second note to myself:  don't get your Texas temper all riled up when someone dismisses blogging as if it was akin to your 4th grade diary with the little gold lock and key fastener on the front; put your Big Girl Panties on and take the high road.

Tonight is the biggie concert event for me.  Since they came on the rock music scene, I have been a fan of Crosby, Stills, Nash (as well as when they were CSNY - which included Neil Young).  As if that line-up weren't goose-bump inducing itself, I also get to hear Judy Collins and Richie Havens. These people are legends of my youth. 

I'll do a closing wrap up soon of my AARP Adventures in Orlando, but for now I'm gonna go take a hot bath soak and get ready for a little musical nostalgia tripping - no recreational drugs required!

Peace Out.


joared said...

Hey Press Lady -- you're 'sperienced' now! You'll be set to go for your next opportunity.

I'm so jealous, you got to hear Whoopi. I got up early -- that 3 hr time difference -- only to read on the streaming video screen that "contractual problems" prevented AARP (they apologized) from showing that part of the program with her and whatshisname. I did get to hear the rest -- really awesome what you reminded me what the Internet founder said. Was Rob Reiner in that group or am I thinking of some other session I watched?

Look forward to more reports from you. Hope the bath good and the concert great -- Judy Collins!

Did you hear where next years Conf. would be and the guest stars? One, I know you'll love.

cile said...

What fun to read your reports! Enjoy!

Ronni Bennett said...

Oh wow. Wish I'd been there, but your report is fabulous

Anonymous said...

That was Rob Reiner's quote.

Vint Cerf

Cowtown Pattie said...

I knew I'd get in trouble...

Thanks, Vint, for the correction!

lc said...

Enjoyed your report! Now that you are "official" media, please don't lose the Cow-Pattie hot pepper seasoning!