Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Wanna Get Digital, Digital...

Let's get AARP

I wanna get Digital, Digital, let me hear your Twitter tweet, let me hear your Facebook talk...

Not to late to join the fun and the excitement - virtually - here in Orlando. Join at the AARP site to log onto the Orlando@50+ convention and choose from a gazillion things to participate in right there in the comfort or your own home and in your PJ's! ( Don't look, I'm in my new pink with brown polka dot pajamas right now!)

Follow Twitter and see all the buzz about it - search for #orlando50.

Thanks to all the ladies I met this evening for a memorable dinner at Emeril's Tchoup Chop.  AARP certainly won the lotto in marketing savvy and talent with this bunch!

I really enjoyed meeting the other bloggers, Frank Paynter and Mark Patterson and his lovely wife - is it "Mary Jo"?  - hope I got it right. So many names this evening to remember. (She wanted to show me  a photo on her iPhone of her daughter and I laughed when I saw "she" was of the equine type of kid. Gorgeous horse with a perfect white blaze on her face.)

Looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully have some video/photos up for you to see.  Tonight my butt be draggin'.  Headed to those nice marshmellowy looking beds here at the Hilton Orlando to get some rest so I can hit the ground running.


joared said...

Hey Texas Gal! Glad you're getting some shut-eye 'cause I have a feeling you're really gonna be busy ridin' the range' later today.

I re-upped my AARP membership earlier so I can follow you, Frank and the GoTo guy (new to me and can't recall his name.)

I registered for the +50Digital Experience and hope to be able to make some virtual visits this next day or so. Look forward to your blog posts.

Three hour time difference between Fla. and West Coast So. Calif. where I am so gotta get to bed myself now after watching Craig Ferguson -- CBS TV. Funny guy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Momma, glad you having a great time! Im jealous that you are there and I am here!!! But so happy for your experience! I love you and be safe... Dont do anything I wouldnt do ;)

joared said...

Just came back to take a look at some of those other links you provided. Thanks!

Think the Hilton is where we stayed many years ago. Emeril's food menu looks inviting/. Checked their locations and see they have one in Vegas. May have to check that out when next I head that way from my L.A. area.

Ignore Lara's admonition (though I don't know her.) Have fun and do everything I would do -- and more!