Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Off To See Orlando!

Oh, Oh, Oh, It’s Magic, you know-o-oh!
O is for Orange county and juice that is rich
R is for Rockets and their red glare
L is for Lilo whose best friend is Stitch
A is for AARP, the group with gray hair!
N is for NAKED (got your attention?)
D is for Digital communication sublime
O is for Oh, Oh, Oh, It's Orlando@50+ Time!

(Apologies to Jerry Jeff Walker and his infamous M-O-T-H-E-R song)

And apologies to those AARP members who are not gray (or who are and lovin' it), but I wanted something to rhyme!

This is my second trip to Orlando.  My first visit was nine years ago via a charter bus as a chaperone to my youngest chick's high school dance/drill team on a trip to compete in Florida over spring break.

Let's just say that though I loved my time working with those very energetic and talented young women, I'll take the friendly skies anytime over a 20 hour bus trip.  One rockin' loo, gobs of fast food, Flamin' Cheetos and 25 girls with motion sickness do not a serene trip make. (And while we're at it, let's toss in a spring whamo thunderstorm at 2:00 AM just as the little darlings were finally quiet.)

The following video of the drill team is of the current set of girls, I didn't have time to convert some old VHS tapes into digital for a YouTube video of the team I worked with. (Sorry, Emmie Pop.) Football in Texas on a Friday night; what else could one woman ask for?

I am counting on this trip to be a little less traumatic; no promises on it being less dramatic.  I 'm bringing  my traveling tiara I won many years ago in a Miss Farm Bureau pageant, ya'll, so you can recognize me ;-)

Thank you, AARP, and all the gracious judges who participated in the contest. I hope I can carry the ball for at least a couple of first downs and a chance to dance in the end zone, like this little foot work by Number 87 of the Bengals  - Kelley Washington:

Yeah! Girls just wanna have fun!


mildred garfield said...

Have a wonderful time!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it from your point of view.

Sure to be reading some funny stuff!! ;-)

joared said...

Gonna be checking this out. Look forward to your input and don't forget those of us who are older than Boomers like you!