Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pattie Thinks She's Brenda Starr

Brenda "Pattie" Starr here on the job! 

Experienced one of those generational gaps on the plane to Orlando yesterday. Young couple - early 30's - asked me if I lived in Orlando or if I was headed there on vacation or?  I chuckled and said this:

Well, actually I am getting to be Brenda Starr, AARP blogger/reporter, for a few days.

Then, I notice the total wide eyed confusion that often happens when generations disconnect culturally. I realized they were clueless as to whom I was referring.  Tried to explain it, but I think I lost 'em at the "funny pages" beginning.

Happens to me more and more these days, and I consider myself "with it".  I sometimes think it's my elder duty to ensure iconic symbols of my youth stay remembered.

Uh huh.

Today is full of good stuff!  Heading over to check in at the AARP Media Center/Press Room (I am loving being a part of the PRESS!) and need to take a cram course in video filming with my new Flip CAM -thank you, AARP!

On the roster today:  Florida Governor Charlie Crist (almost added an "h" to his surname), Patty Loveless, Martina Navratilova, football players Rod Smart and Darryl Talley, Olympia Dukakis, Cesar Millan, Dave Berry and Linda Gray!

I'm already feeling like it's Monday morning and I didn't finish my homework before class. Oh well, Texans are good for dazzling 'em with BS. 

With or without boots...


Celia said...

Yea Brenda, had to laugh. Generational disconnect indeed. Sometimes I feel like the time and place I grew up in has disappeared like Atlantis. Looking forward to your dispatches.

joared said...

AARP sounding interesting.

Yeah, we really have to be careful mentioning what were icons to us. Reminded me that not long after my 6ft+ tall son and short wife wed, I wrote my dtr referring to their height difference, mentioning Mutt and Jeff -- comic strip characters who were similar -- tall and short. My young correspondent thought I was being snarky with "mutt" being a dog -- well, you get it -- don't you??? Please, I hope someone remembers that funny papers duo.

Cowtown Pattie said...

Celia - I know Atlantis! Donovan lives there, right? ;-)

Joared: Oh now that Mutt and Jeff story has me laughing out loud!