Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Another One of Those

Slow day at the brick factory, so I shall borrow a blog-in-a-box (think Hamburger Helper for blogging): a movie meme, you know, "What movie would you pick for each category if you were stranded on a desert island/in the middle of Dumas, Texas/in the Yukon wilderness kinda meme. Tip o'tha Stetson to da Fireant.

You know, I had a hard time just keeping the selection to ONE. I love movies:

Western -HBO's Deadwood Series (okay it would be a looonnng movie)

- The (original Lon Chaney Jr. one) Werewolf

Sci-Fi - 2001 Space Odessey

Musical - Fiddler on the Roof (this was Fireant's pick, too. Choice)

Comedy - Bringing Up Baby (1938)

War - Gettysburg

Action - Thunderball

Foreign - Raise the Red Lantern

Classic (before 1960) - Gone with the Wind

Documentary - "Today Is A Good Day: Remembering Chief Dan George"

Bonus Pick (any genre) - Dr. Zhivago

Anyone out there wanna play?


Eric said...

Ooh, "Dr. Zhivago." That's a good one.

Somehow I knew you'd pick "Gone with the Wind" for something! ;-)

Cowtown Pattie said...

Well, for sure Mr. Eric. And I never ever wore Miz Ellie's portiers!

Claude said...

When I want a good giggle I play my copy of Bringing up Baby. I don't thing they've made a better comedy yet!

bill said...

Well I know one movie I would not want to have on this list. Last night we saw The New World. Talk about slooow! You could fall asleep for thirty minutes in the middle of it and not miss a thing. It did have some beautiful scenery and photography though

Anonymous said...

Dr. Zhivago?

Hmmm,Mom... isn't that where my marvelous name came from - Lara?

Annie in Austin said...

Before 1960 is classic? How could a year that I remember so well be already considered a classic?

You've made a very interesting list Cowtown Pattie. I've seen most of these, but without cable have only seen clips from Deadwood. I could pick "Paint your Wagon" for the western and sneak in another musical that way:)

Annie the Garden Blogger

SpookyRach said...

Cool list. I agree with Bringing up Baby, although the one with Hepburn, Carey Grant and the dude who voiced fractured fairy tales on the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show is a close second. (How is that for convuluted??) It had the word Holiday in the title. Anyone know what the heck I'm talking about?

bill said...

"Spooky" - Actually it was just called Holiday and also had Edward Everett Horton, the narrator of the Fractured Fairy Tales.

Bill said...

Oh, hell ... I'll say it. What with the weird trying-to-be-Texan accent in the White House, I's looking at that town name as "dumb-ass." I apologize ...

Cowtown Pattie said...

Bill - nope, it's pronounced Dooo-muss.

And the Texas Panhandle is full of tough REAL cowboys (not to be confused with that guy in the Whitehouse). I wouldn't risk calling their town "dumb-ass".