Tuesday, November 14, 2006

To Quote Etta - "At Last!"

At last, indeed!

Mr. Darrell Reimer, Whisky Prajer to his closest friends, becomes bona fide today.

He's always been a Dapper Dan man in my book. If his new book, Youthful Desires, is a tenth of the good stuff you can find at his blog, then why are you wasting time here?

Hie thee quickly.

(Exactly how does one "hie"?)

Congrats, Darrell!


Cowtown Pattie said...
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Anonymous said...

An unfortunate post for Monsier SB to make an appearance. But thanks for the link-love, CP - you're the best! (I'll give you the skinny on autographed copies just as soon as my first shipment arrives)

Anonymous said...

Damn, the trolls are out! I've got a handy-dandy troll swatter for only $9.99 but I'll let you use it for free.

Now if I can only figure out how to "hie" I'm on my way to check out the link

Anonymous said...

I always thought 'to hie' meant to hitch up one's skirts to get somewhere faster (from Tam Lin) ... don't know how it translates to blokes though.