Thursday, July 28, 2005


From my downtown office, I have an eyewitness seat to the massive chemical plant explosion going off just north of downtown. My office is not in direct line of the smoke plume, but it is drifting enough this way that security in our building is advising no one walk around outside.

My drive home is westward and not towards the traffic mess on I-35. The toxicity of the smoke is a concern to me, however. I feel for the people who live nearby to the plant. I imagine they will be evacuated for at least this evening. Fortunately, it appears there are no major injuries or deaths related to this explosion at last word.

When the first explosion occurred, I was in the copy/fax room of the office, away from the big glass windows. My back was turned to the printer, and I was the only person in the office. I felt more than heard the explosion, and it made me jump. Turning around, I expected to see a book or something had fallen since the sound I heard and felt resembled a big phone book dropping onto the floor. It was several seconds before I saw the smoke and fire shooting into the sky.

"Film at 10:00"

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