Saturday, October 22, 2011

Steak and Baseball!

Rangers getting ready to fire up the bats, and we fired up the infra-red grill out back. T-bones rare then smothered in whipped butter with a side of baked sweet potato for me, Idaho spud for the Kman. Add a flute of sparkling Italian wine and all is good. 
And yes, now that you asked; that is a leftover sand pail from Port Aransas over labor day. Waste not, want not. Thank you, Wessie, for leaving me your bucket!

Oh, a nice new candle makes it all fancy.
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Celia said...

Good food to see you through and great ice bucket! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Pattie--Must you torture us, so, with the beautifully photographed steak dinner? Looks luscious. Hope your team does you proud. (I don't follow sports so have no idea what is going on with them!)
Cop Car

Xtreme English said...

that looks divine!!

Kay Dennison said...

Serious yum!!!!

Kelly said...

I love creative tables with beautiful food. Well done CP. :)

joared said...

Guess you're still eating.

Happy New Year!