Friday, October 01, 2010

Joan Lunden!

Coming to you Live!  In Orlando!  AARP Orlando50+ Convention...

Joan Lunden, long time perky morning personality on "Good Morning America", is first on my list this morning of to-do's. Maybe she'll have a few minutes to talk with me afterward.

"Living Younger Longer" - who could deny this is an ambitious and lofty goal - is the presentation topic.  In addition to her website,  Joan has a blog, too: "Joan's Blog".  (Joanie baby, we really got work on a better title for that blog!)

On our seat is a freebie!  Swag = Good:  Murad Hydrating Toner- so I can finish my day refined and refreshed and soothed. 


My misgivings that this morning's first seminar was going to be about toned skin was way off base.  Joan's advice and motivation was for me to take charge of my personal health and to NOT ignore those orange idiot lights on my life's highway. (She made a comparison of our cars' little orange "Warning Will Robinson!" flashing lights on the instrument panel to our human bodies' warning signals like shortness of breath, creaky knees, or the inability to climb a flight of stairs.)

I am in trouble, folks. Way past orange cones on the shoulder.

My body's idiot lights have progressed to the level of those public service announcements you hear blaring from the radio in three cringing blasts advising you that if this was a REAL emergency, you should proceed immediately to the closest public shelter.  People think it's a cute ringer on my cellphone, only I never downloaded it.

And the final piece of  worthy advice that Joan passed along was the need for each of us to be our own health records guru - creating and maintaining a PHR  (Personal Health Record) either online or via a home computer.  She stated a valid point...your health records should be as important as any other vital document you know to keep safe, like birth certificates, passports and tax returns.

BUT, however much Joan stressed that you are basically as young as you perceive yourself, and though I give her high marks for being a  Lumpy Rutherford Overachiever  in the procreation department, I give her low grades for common sense. Sorry, Joan, but I just can't conceive having two sets of twins after the age of 50 the most wise course for staving off old age.

Bad plan for most of us, chickie, even if the job came with multiple tiaras.


Darlene said...

I'm just catching up with reading posts after being busy with other things. I now know what an exciting time you are having in Orlando.

I love Joan London and hope you got to talk to her. Keep up the good reporting and keep having good ole Texas fun.

joared said...

I'm with you -- any new babes at 50 is not my idea of how to win another tiara,

Chancy said...

Glad to hear from you at the AARP do. Babies after 50 ? No way. Grandbabies and grand doggies yes, I like the idea of a personal health record.


Ronni Bennett said...

Babies - even in singles and not multiples - is just another bad idea perpetuating ageism - anything at all no matter how extreme to deny you're getting old. Bah!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a blast, Cowtown Pattie - I'm getting a nice second-hand kick!

Mary Jamison (from Ronni's blog!)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a blast, Cowtown Pattie - I'm getting a nice second-hand kick!

Mary Jamison (from Ronni's blog!)

Celia said...

The whole point of menopause was to not have babies waking you up at night. Makes me want to pass out just thinking about it. Not enough money in the world. I do keep a personal health record along with current medications so I don't have to repeat it endlessly at any dr. appt.s

fpaynter said...

I was a father of twins at 35 and thought that if I had been any older I might not have kept up. Being the mother of twins at fifty, and then birthing another pair... that's plain strange lunacy. I suppose if here were plenty of au pairs and nursemaids around I could do a passable job of being a dad at an older age, but actually giving birth? Well, to each her own, I guess.