Monday, October 18, 2010

Elvis Perkins

And where have I been to have not heard of this great artist, Elvis Perkins? This video is hypnotic...I love it and the music:

And this is terrific:

Some commentor at YouTube dubbed Perkins as being "Lennon-esque"; an apt comparison.

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George Wallace said...

Girl! You have not been taking the advice o' your favorite Fool! I've been touting Elvis Perkins to anyone who will listen since at least Christmas of ought-Six!

For me, he's not so much Lennon-esque as a new Van Morrison, with a dash of Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison for spice.

To two excellent choices in your post, I would add this live performance of 'Shampoo'.

I have not seen any sign of new recordings coming from Mr. Perkins. They cannot come soon enough for me.

P.S., You, dear lady, actually commented on one of my Elvis Perkins posts many a year ago. (Told you you shoulda listened.) Thanks for spreading the word on this most excellent artist.