Thursday, July 08, 2010

Dead and Dying Little Town

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Not Ringling as the Jimmy Buffett song goes, but Robert Lee, Texas. Kman and I were there last weekend to visit with family and I snapped this Joad-ish abode photo.

(Note, someone was living in this quaint little house, but no one we knew.)

Both comical and sad - the heart-shaped shutters someone thought would spruce the place up...a coat of white paint would have been the better value!

Here's the tune, Ringling Ringling, though the accompanying video is of dying little towns in Missouri - could be the same photos of most small Texas towns.

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Darlene said...

A dying town is sad. You always wonder about the people who lived there and how they would feel to see their town now.

So many died when the freeways or turnpikes bypassed them. Others expired when the mill closed or the mines ran out of ore.