Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love Canal - Texas Style

"Love Canal will long be remembered as a national symbol of a failure to exercise a sense of concern for future generations." - David Axelrod, Commissioner of the New York State Health Department

I suppose it depends on how you define "long remembered", but obviously some politicians in Texas have conveniently short-term brains; 1978 is just so last century.

Here is a YouTube clip featuring Lois Marie Gibbs, Executive Director of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice presents "30 Years After Love Canal: What Have We Learned, Where Do We Go From Here, and How do we Educate the Public on the Love Canals of Today?" Presented on October 29, 2008.

My local paper had this article by reporter, Anna Tinsley, running in today's Sunday morning edition: Proposal to truck radioactive waste through Texas to be considered soon.

With our neighboring state of Louisiana's coastline literally becoming mired both politically and environmentally in oil, my anger and indignation rise up in my throat like frothy bile before a vomiting episode.

There are differences, of course. This proposed waste site near Andrews, Texas has been somewhat in front of the public eye, not a covert middle-of-the-night-cut-and-run dumping. Still, the site could "become the largest commercial low-level radioactive waste site in the country, with some waste remaining dangerous for tens of thousands of years." (Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club)

Repeating: dangerous for tens of thousands of years.

At least it appears that through the combined efforts of the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club, the League of Texas Women Voters, and elected officials like Lon Burnam, the Texas legislature has decided to delay the consideration until June. (But, June is like day after tomorrow, folks.)

I am not so naive as to expect this kind of waste just simply can evaporate - it has to go somewhere, but I am not trusting of the government or Big Corporate America to do the homework and spend the resources necessary to ensure our safety. When profit is the motive, be afraid, be very afraid.

Here are some educational and important links:

Toxic Texas Tour via
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Slideshow Presentation by the Sierra Club
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

I know that the city of Andrews is not exactly an oasis of beauty located in the flat plains of far west Texas, neighbor to Odessa and Midland. And I know that OIL is big bidness in these towns. But billionaire, Harold Simmons, has been throwing money around, greasing the wheels if you will, in the little town of Andrews; where money talks, good common sense walks.

I just hope the good folks in Andrews wake up and smell the poison before it's too late. To quote Andrews' native, Randolph P. Flowe,:

Whether you own it, invest in it, work for it, or have another relationship to it,


You can reach the Compact Commissioner, Margaret Henderson as this email address:

State Rep Lon Burnam: email link here

State Rep Marc Veasey: email link here

I urge not only Texans, but Americans across the nation to voice their opinions loudly and often. If we sit by and let Big Business own us, then we deserve the consequences.

It won't be wars that eventually will kill off the human race, it will be our own doing in our own backyards. Who needs war when mankind can and probably will poison the environment to a point of no return? We may already be there.


Darlene said...

There are times I wonder if our planet can survive man's greed.

Anonymous said...

I suggest dumping it on a ranch in Crawford,TX ;-)

DarkoV said...

Every day in every way, it is becoming apparent that moving up to Whisky Prajer's neck of the woods is the best thing to do. The cold, that's what must be eliminating the type of idiots residing South of the (US-CND) Border.