Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tales of Mystery and Imagination - Alan Parsons Project

Kman and I are LP album collectors - we scrounge garage sales, flea markets, estate sales, etc. for these dinosaur treasures. Since the gift of a turntable that allows transfer of album tracks into digital format (mp3s), we have really increased our stack of vinyl memorabilia.

On a recent rainy afternoon trip to our local Half-priced Books store, Kman spied this album in the rack:

Though I like some of Alan Parsons' stuff - quite unique and different - this album was really before it's time, and boasts the use of the first ever track using a vocoder. AND it features the vocals of Leonard Whiting - actor better known for this role:

Based on the poems of Edgar Allan Poe, the album is an adventurous and creative musical attempt that did not appeal to a big swathe of the radio-listening teens of the decade.

Here is the Wiki description for the album.

And a bit of trivia -- Alan Parsons was an engineer on the great Pink Floyd album, Dark Side of the, no?

Anyone else a Parsons' fan?


Kay Dennison said...

Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved his work!!!

la peregrina said...

Me, too. I think I still have one of their albums, EVE (If I remember correctly), stored away.