Monday, October 12, 2009

TV Drama Is My New Music DJ

Lately, I've been discovering new music via my favorite night time television dramas. House, especially, features some killer stuff and it's been more than once I've had to resort to Google to ferret out what the exact tune was.

Tonight's episode, "Instant Karma" had a song in the ending credits with a raspy voice that caught my attention. Kman and I were trying to guess who it might have been: Ted Hawkins? Tracy Chapman? Richie Havens?

Wrong on all three accounts. Thanks to my search skills and the ever-lovin' internet, I have found the answer (The game's afoot, Watson!) for solving such mysteries: Heard on TV.

Thus, I now know the artist and tune we were scratching our heads over:

Ray LaMontagne and "Sarah".

Though the video is off putting and not what I personally envision for this next song, YouTube provides the venue for what I want to relate. Here's Ted Hawkins and "Green-Eyed Girl". Now you tell me, doesn't Ray LaMontagne and Hawkins sound a lot alike?

Okay, so no Hawkins or Havens or Chapman. But, what the heck, let's post some of their stuff, too!

Here is yet another rendition of Richie Havens and his forever memorable "Here Comes The Sun", but this clip is an older and mellowed Havens...maybe less angst, but his voice is perfect still...:

While looking for other Havens stuff on YouTube, I couldn't resist adding this jewel - Havens Sings Dylan - too good!

This song by the amazing Tracy Chapman is one of my favorites, "The Promise". Her voice has forever mesmerized me since I first heard her "Fast Car":

Have you found any new and good stuff to listen to via ye olde boob-tube?


Darlene said...

you probably know that I have two problems with musical videos. First, my computer is taking three times as long to buffer a video as it does to play them so I don't try to download all of them. And, second my cochlear transplant took away my good ear for music.

I only downloaded the first one and it sounds like he has a mellow voice. The beat is nice.

bill / prairie point said...

You must be prescient. I just was listening to NPR in my morning drive time and the story was about people getting turned on to music they heard on TV serials.

property said...

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