Thursday, October 08, 2009

New Herd Member

During a little googling on pantheism, I stumbled upon a blog that I am really enjoying. Though he hasn't posted in while (since Frebruary 09), Thomas Moore, blog owner of Humanaturalism, has some terrific ideas to ponder on.

Stop by and give him a howdy and encourage him to write moore! (Bad Pun Police en route...)


bill / prairie point said...

my cousin writes a blog on pantheism

Darlene said...

I did read the blog by Thomas Moore and agree with you. He is worth giving a look-see.

joared said...

I really like the picture that heads up his blog as well as what he writes.

I clicked on that blog's link in his profile to his family blog. He wrote in 2008 he was defecting from the family post as they had all moved to Facebook. I'm wondering if he's also abandoned Humanaturalism?

I'm being increasingly encouraged to go to Facebook, too. I have no time to do it all since I don't care to live my whole life on the computer.

Jeff said...

I'm with Joared on the header photo for the blog ... a great image that reminded me of the spacecarft in the film, "The Fountain."

It's a shame, really, that he appears to be on extended hiatus from blogger.