Sunday, September 27, 2009

Texas Ghost Towns

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Taken near Shafter, Texas
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during one of our trips to the Big Bend.


Anonymous said...

Some years back I saw The Andromeda Strain on TV and thought that the abandoned town was suitably creepy. Interesting to see that it was a real place and not just a set.


Cowtown Pattie said...

LOL - the whole Bend area is a real place, for sure!

Darlene said...

Someone was expert at making rock walls. Too bad that the building is in a ghost town. I think it should be included in the historic register.

Interesting that the word verification for this post is outomb.
Most appropriate for a post on ghost towns if an extra 't' were added.

Hot Cover Girls Central said...

just dropped by, this isn't look like a ghost town to me, because the view really nice. :)

-cathy young

la peregrina said...

Funny, that kind of rock work always makes me think of Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Great stonework!

BTW: Andromeda Strain is my #1 favorite movie - the original version, that is.
Cop Car