Monday, July 06, 2009

CP's Grand Clan


Still missing two grandsons who live in San Antonio, Ethan and Jonas, but here is a photo of seven of our grand-progeny taken over the Fourth of July.

Connor (on far left) holding newest to the Clan, baby Westin, then Garrett, Caitlyn, Brady, and Colton -who is holding baby Will.

Garrett, Brady and Will are brothers; Connor, Colton, and Caitlyn are siblings, and baby Westin is the loney lone in his family...for now ;-)
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Anonymous said...

hahaha this pic makes me laugh, jeez thats alot of kids

joared said...

Looks like the makin's of a might big posse that seems to be getting bigger by the year.

tracy said...

Hey Pattie ~

Haven't stopped by in a bit, and I'm glad to see this great crew today...what a cool looking bunch of kids. Yay for you...