Thursday, July 02, 2009

Carnival of the Arid #5

A terrific blogger, Chris Clarke, whom you will find on my sidebar as "Coyote Crossing" has posted his latest(#5) edition of his Carnival of the Arid. I am tickled to be included in this CotA among some other really smart and artistic bloggers.

Stop by to say "Howdy" and view some of the other submissions.

Chris hooked me a long time ago to his blog with stories of his beloved canine friend, Zeke. His readers grew to love this amazing dog, and his death was a loss to all of us who felt a bond, albeit long distance, with the regal dog.

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Whisky Prajer said...

You can delete this (please) but he's actually listed in "The Herd" as "Creek Running North". His kind of blogging is indeed a genuine pleasure.