Sunday, June 28, 2009

Different Kind of Writer's Block

Kman and I usually catch the Sunday morning edition of Bob Phillips, Texas Country Reporter, and today's show had this guest, Austin Kleon, (looks like he could be kin to Robert Downey, Jr.) who employs a unique way to construct poetry: he picks up his permanent marker and a newspaper and goes to town striking out random words until the remainder slowly forms a totally new twist on words.

He's really creative and talented. Take some time to investigate his website. Hey, that Teabaggin' looks like fun! (I recall a similar exercise during a childhood vacation bible school art class with fingerpaints...)

Without trying to start with a title or topic, I picked up a copy of a local weekly paper distributed free on the street corners in downtown Cowtown and tried my hand at the "blocked" writing:

Star Trek guys and Griffey’s girlfriend slid beer across last Thursday. She remembered when her boyfriend vaguely smelled like bleach. The Spanish perspective read “My fingernails hurt”.

See – it’s a secret coin-toss to work out the kinks.

Checking out the frontier wingman to corroborate Twlight-Zonage: two things about a trip to something strange to scope out the frontier weirdos with onion breath.

Shooting the shit with the barman lookalike, an older dame slid into an old pro’s order of Purple Hooters. Sipping whiskey, nice and affable, she breached the wall with Napoleonic eating and onion free.

Silhouetting shady dude packed it up at the Chat Room. Aforementioned logic had flown farther, still foggy. Chilling domestic longnecks cackling over the pinball machine.

Obviously, I need some practice.

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Kay Dennison said...

hmmmmmmm fascinating!!!