Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Coolest

Every Picture Tells a Story, yes indeed, and Rod's album cover from his "The Best of..." certainly is cool!

Kman has been prodigiously burning our album collection to mp3's and cds, and every day my computer desk has a different pile of classic rock on it. Glancing across this morning, I spied the Rod Stewart album and it struck me how amusing and retro and cool the cover art was:

Album art has recently been "rediscovered", and while I agree with the sentiment, it is more than a little unsettling to suddenly think of your not-so-distant youth as now "classic" or "retro", or "cool".


I suppose those adjectives are better than "ancient", or "old-fashioned", or "tacky".

Here's a fun link to peruse all those old albums you remembered when you were, well,..."classic". The Albumart webmaster says he (she?) will soon be revamping the site so that visitors can upload yet more rare album art finds from personal collections.

Like maybe this beauty?

Ah, funky psychedelic poster lettering, now that's really retro!

No,'s "psssyyyeeecheeee-delic, man!. Groovy.

Yes, everyone loves the music of their youth, but I can honestly say without too much prejudice, my generation had memorable, lasting music:

One more lost-in-the-past indulgence, please, a little Stephen Stills and "Manassas" singing "It Doesn't Matter" to end this Sunday post. And don't you agree the contributions of Joe Lala (percussions) and Dallas Taylor (drums) makes this song scream nostalgia?

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