Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meet The New Neighbors

Our neighborhood is an older "genteel" area, most of the ranch-style houses were built in the late 1950's. Up until recent months, the average homeowner age was probably around 60. Kman and I noticed this past year, more and more younger couples are moving into the neighborhood - a welcome site. Ownership is always far better than a block full of renters, in my opinion.

Our house has a lot of pasture acreage just behind us, and during all the old & gas frenzy of the Barnett Shale this past year, we were leery that a drilling rig could pop up in our near backyard. About a month ago, we spied the beginnings of a tall wire fence with cedar postings. Curious, we kept tabs on the construction. Kman said it surely was a livestock fence.

Sure 'nuf! Meet one of our new neighbors, Black Beauty! (Though, I believe the horse is a mare.) In total, I have seen three horses in the new pen, the other two are chestnut brown with black manes.

We are ecstatic about the new folks across the fence!

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