Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Morning Jam

If you are a reader of TT, you will no doubt by now also know my longtime friend, Ronni Bennett, who blogs at Time Goes By. Ronni's blog is what I cut my own blogging teeth on. She is a major reason I enjoy blogging so much.

Every Sunday, Ronni posts YouTube videos and other links to like-themed tunes in her Elder Music section. Past Elder Music offerings include Summertime, Happy Music, Johnny Mercer, Railroad Songs, and Story Songs.

She has graciously honored me to be the Sunday blog musical director this morning, and I thank her for her bravery in trusting me to take the maestro baton!

My theme for today's listening pleasure?

It will come as no surprise....*smile*.


K. said...

I enjoyed the post very much. It inspired me to think about a couple of Texas singer-songwriter entries.

Kay Dennison said...

Been there already!!!!! Excellent stuff!!!