Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Kman and I have a little trip planned for the week before Good Friday. I have been feeling guilty about spending any extra money, but still wanting to take a vacation.

Now, here's a good reason for dumping the guilt trip: I am 50% LESS LIKELy to suffer heart attack if I take regular vacations! Ah Ha!

Our tentative itinerary calls for:

Albuquerque, NM for first night

Chaco Historical National Park, NM

Farmington, NM, for second night

Bisti Badlands, NM

Kayenta, AZ

Monument Valley, AZ (staying in a campsite cabin near Gouldings Lodge)

Page, AZ and Antelope Canyon (maybe)

BLM Newspaper Rock Historical Monument

Natural Bridges Nationa Monument

Arches National Park

Dead Horse Point State Park

GRand Junction, CO

Montrose, CO

Ouray, CO

Durango,CO (and stay at the historic Strater Hotel)

then, home to Cowtown.

The plans will be flexible in case of any major spring snow storms for the Colorado destinations, then we will focus more on the southern Utah, northern AZ, NM instead.


Kay Dennison said...

Sounds great!!!! I haven't had a vacation in years unless you count the few weekend trips to Motown and I don't. The last ones were downright nerve-wracking. I was hoping I could get away but with recent events, it won't happen.

George Wallace said...

I'll throw in an endorsement of this itinerary. I first visited Arches back in the late 60s, when it was only a National Monument; it remains quite possilby my favorite single site in the entire National Park system. Natural Bridges is underseen and well worth your while. And we stayed in the Strater in Durango on that same long-ago family trip. Too bad it's probably too early in the season for melodrama down the block in Durango. Do you have time to take in Mesa Verde, whilst you are in the neighborhood? There are the ancient peoples at their best. Sounds like you have a splendid time ahead of you in one of the finest stretches of country this fine stretch of country has to offer. Enjoy!

Ms. B at AV said...

I stayed at the Strater on my honeymoon in 1979. Glad it outlasted my marriage.

la peregrina said...

Looks like a great trip. If you do go to Colorado might I suggest a dip in the springs at Pagosa on your way home? I like to start in one of the cooler springs and work my way up to the lobster pot. Soothes both the muscles and the mind.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful itinerary, Pattie!

Ms B at AV--If you stayed in the same room in which Hunky Husband and I stayed, tell me how you enjoyed the red-flocked wallpaper, the red-fringed lamps, and the mirror on the ceiling. It was an experience!
Cop Car

mike said...

Looks like an absolutely wonderful adventure! We've been to many of the places mentioned, especially love the Moab/Arches area of Utah and Monument Valley near Kayenta.

You'll have to look at the map to be sure, but you may be driving close to this really cool place in New Mexico:

Haven't been there yet, so take photos if you go! I did some research a while back, and there is a highway in the area.


Oh, also if you haven't been to Dead Horse before, go! We found it on the local Moab travel channel one night and were very glad we took the time to drive out there.

Pictures of the Arches and Dead Horse: