Thursday, December 11, 2008

A LSMFT Christmas


Ahh, finally that Christmas spirit has arrived! Nothing says "holidays" like a Santa lighting up a Lucky Strike!

Kids, be sure to add a pack to those cookies and milk to please the jolly old Elf; guarantees big booty under the tree on Christmas morning!

*Thanks to daughter, Lara, for the link!
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joared said...

"Lucky Strikes means fine tobacco" -- yeah, many years ago giving cigarettes for the holidays was considered a great gift idea. Now we know we were giving potential cancer sticks.

Lucky Strikes sponsored some really good radio and later TV music shows.

K. said...

I'm all for big booty under my Christmas tree!

tracy said...

Hey Pattie!

The way I'm feeling about Christmas this year....and well, years past, I want to eat a pack of those old cigarettes.

Happy, Happy...Merry, Merry

Anonymous said...

Gee...a green pack...which guarantees that it is WWII era!
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