Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bend Critters

Did You Know?

Including two protected areas in Mexico, Big Bend is now part of one of the largest transboundary protected areas in North America. More than two million acres of Chihuahuan Desert resources, along with more than 200 miles of river, are now under the protection of the United States and Mexico.

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These shots were taken during our July '08 trip - I am still such an amateur when it comes to capturing wildlife with a camera...but I snap away in hopes of catching the perfect National Geographic moment.

Do you spy the hidden little lizard in the third photo? Those little guys, called Texas Earless lizards, can blend in perfectly with the Big Bend terrain.

Below are a few more denizens of the Bend, including a centipede, a Texas big brown bat, and a chupacabra (if you laugh, you risk being haunted by the little demon for the rest of your human life ;p).


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The Texas Big Brown bat was hiding up on a rafter in the old line camp cabin that ranch foreman, Lott Felts, lived in when the Homer Wilson Ranch was in its heyday on Blue Creek. The bat made me more than a little nervous; thank goodness for a zoom lens, but it didn't stop the slight shake of my hand. Below is a shot of the line camp cabin where Batty Coda was hangin' out:

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We hiked all the way down the steep trail to investigate the old cabin. Park service has done a good job trying to keep it as original as possible and still be safe for us greenhorn tourists.



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This last photo was taken from the view out the back of the line shack cabin.


Ronni Bennett said...

Wow - nice photos of a country I know almost nothing about. Strange critters there. And I love the old cabin.

What's a chupacabra?

la peregrina said...

Pattie, I love these photos. I must have been Texan in a former life- looking at them makes me feel slightly homesick.

Oh, and that chupacabra? It looks suspiciously like a wild pig head to me. :)