Thursday, April 17, 2008

Monument Valley

An online acquaintance whom I found via YouTube last year has posted a new flight video.

Lowwpass has several terrific videos online at YouTube, and you should watch them all!

I am personally a little uncomfortable in a small plane, but Lowwpass makes it easy to enjoy the trip vicariously! Perfect musical accompaniments as well.

Thanks a bunch, Lowwpass!


joared said...

Thanks for sharing this video, Pattie and to Lowwpass, too. I love small plane flying, but my experiences were in small propeller planes, mostly Cessnas including a few short cross country trips. Husband took me night flying over our then city of residence on our first date.

Nice to see you back. Hope technical and life issue pressures ease a bit.

Jeff said...

Miss Pattie ..... Monument Valley is nothing short of wonderful. Thanks yo you - and LowPass - for sharing. Lived and worked in the region for several summers ..... if you haven't been, you must go.

Suzz said...

Love the video and the music was beautiful. Thanks for sharing this one!