Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ronni !


Though I almost missed the day, I hope you have had a terrific birthday, and spring is just around the corner for you!

No better birthday bouquet than Texas bluebonnets, huh?

Ya'll stop by and give some birthday hugs to Ronni...

Love ya,
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Ronni Bennett said...

You kept saying wildflowers wouldn't be so wonderful this year. I can't wait to see a "good" year - these are gorgeous.

Thank you, Pattie.

Claude said...

wonderful photo, Pattie!

joared said...

Beautiful Texas bluebonnets!

bill/prairie point said...

Last year was one of the best years I can remember. Bluebonnets seem rather sparse this year, at least where I've been, in north Texas down to Austin.