Thursday, February 07, 2008

Theraplex Trials

I was recently asked to participate in a marketing survey for a line of products manufactured by the Theraplex Company.

My skin in the wintertime goes bonkers. Eczemic patches pop up, I scratch like a flea-infested dog, and stay generally miserable with very dry skin.

The products I tried were the Clear Lotion (which can be used as a cleansing agent as well), the Hydro Lotion, the Emollient and the Exfoliating Emollient.

They all worked "wicked good" to quote a friend from way up north. In fact, if this stuff worked any better on my dry skin, it might prove to be the elusive Fountain of Youth.

Nah - it didn't eradicate 50 years of sun worship and living in Texas, but it did relieve my worst symptoms of winter dry itch.

Applying the Exfoliating Emollient to my cracked heels at night after a bath, I slipped on a pair of cotton footies and slept with a heavy coating. I only had enough sample for 4 nights, but wow! Big difference.

Yep, my lone complaint is I wished I had a tub of this magic stuff to submerse in!

Does not leave the skin sticky or oily at all. Now, I will admit it takes a while for the heavier Emollient cream to fully absorb, and for a short time, my hands were a tad sticky. The Emollient cream is for really hard core dry skin, and is terrific on eczema.

Days after I ran out of the samples, my skin still retained a lot of softness and moisture retention - an unexpected effect.

Theraplex is a little more expensive than your average skin care product, but a little goes a long way and it is fragrance free - a boon to those of us sensitive to perfumes in cosmetics.

Definitely a product I will continue to use and have no problem recommending it to you!


Texas T-bone said...

I hope none of the water roach's friends got into your supply. That would mean they'll LIVE FOREVER and have SUPPLE BUG SKIN. :-)

tod said...

"Wicked Good." Your friend must be from somewhere around Boston. Everything up there is "wicked" this or "wicked" that. We New Yorkers are slightly more colorful with our adjectives.

Mildred Garfield said...

Pattie, me too - I was also invited to try their products.

First off I must say I liked the containers the lotion came in. Easy to open - The moisturizer is not greasy and fragrance=free. Nice feel to it.

Just started using the exfoliating enollient and found it greasy but if it helps my callused feet I'll continue to use it.

Once I use more of the product, I'll make a post about it.

tracy said...

Thanks for the info, Pattie. I need emollient for cracked heals always. I have been using Gold Bond for feet, in the blue tube, and it has worked wonderfully so far.
This is weird, but only one of my heals dries and cracks terribly.
I read this a few days back and was too lazy to comment then--heh! Hugs.

caitmin said...

Love the "wicked good".

Another one worth trying is