Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Texas - Boot Scootin' Style

For many years, Texas has derived its strength from the independent nature of its residents, sometimes described as "proud; ornery; cussed; hard-headed" ---- that we are and then some! When we're right, we proudly lay claim to it and when we're wrong, we own up to it and start all over. And we love to Boot Scoot!

Nothing finer than to dance the night away listening to a real Texas western band, complete with fiddle. Feel your boots slipping on the sawdust, as a sure-footed cowboy leads you through the maze of dancing couples. Here, for your evening pleasure, are just a few of my picks:

Gruene Hall is the oldest dancehall in Texas, and where a scene from "Michael" with John Travolta was filmed. Watch a YouTube clip of the scene.

Luckenbach Dance Hall made famous by Hondo Crouch and Willie Nelson ( and the boys, of course).

Hondo's On Main in Fredericksburg will appeal to those music lovers who like a small crowd in a real historic setting.

The Broken Spoke in Austin bills itself as the Last True Texas Dance hall.

And I can't leave out this great place, Panther Hall - no longer in business in Cowtown, but it was surely the place to be in the 60's.

Now, some of you are asking me about Billy Bob's and the new Gilley's Club in Dallas. Well, these are fine establishments to be sure, but they lack the true flavor of a Texas beer joint to me. Almost didn't add the link to Panther Hall for the same reason. But, Panther Hall is an important music marker in Cowtown. Other great honorable mentions might include Booger Red's H3 Saloon which serves Buffalo Butt Beer, Longhorn Saloon, Adair's in Dallas, and all the little joints and hideaways in between the interstates; where great boot scootin' music is just awaitin fer ya!

Belly up to the bar, Boys!

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Have you personally researched all these establishments?