Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Jewel Box Ballerinas

In December, my one and only granddaughter will be a whole big "1" year-old. She is the only lonely girl in a pack of 6 boys - mixture of brothers and cousins, but I am guessing she'll hold her own.

And, I am hoping she is a lover of books like her granny.

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Random House recently sent me The Jewel Box Ballerinas by Monique De Varennes & Ana Juan. A beautifully illustrated big picture book with a delightful tale about Bibi - a woman who has two of everything except friends.

Lots of little life lessons tucked into this pretty book with its Pinocchio-like ending. Would be a great gift for any little girl on your Christmas list, especially if you added a real musical jewel box with a little dancing ballerina. (I've never seen one with two ballerinas, though).

Bibi also owns two pugnacious pug pups whose clown-like antics are clever extra bits of humor in the story. Ms. Juan surely has had pugs in her life, her depictions of the funny little dogs are spot on - down to the perfectly curled tails.

I know where my copy of this book is going! Come to think of it, my youngest daughter would love this book, too, for dual reasons - ballerinas AND pugs.

Emily, pretend you didn't read this....


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I promise to look surprised!


Janie said...

Thanks for the lead - I'll have to get it for my Brookie friend!