Thursday, August 30, 2007

Now THIS Is A Pot to Pee In!

How did we ever live without a website devoted wholly to that uniquely male plumbing invention - the lowly urinal?

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Men's room at the La Kiva in Terlingua, Texas. (Click to enlarge - if you dare.)

Does this thing look stinky to high heaven or what?

How about takin' a whiz into
this creation?


Anonymous said...

Actually, with the softening effect of the photograph--and the rust--it looked like a lovely painting!

susan @ spinning

DarkoV said...

CP, sure that second pisture isn't really for the fairer sex. They're the ones blessed with pistils ? Any guy who'd be willing to use that second flower style urinal must be really proud of his, uhhmmmm, proboscis as it would be in full display since the "flower" offers minimal side-view protection. Contrary to popular women's belief, most guys are rather shy & protective when we're in a pissatorium. Why, if we had any sense of humour about it, we'd all be hysterically laughing if we watched the dance we performed when we're there.

O.K. the secret word for this entry was "pzzfn"?!??

Anonymous said...

Uuum. I don't know what to say...

Peter said...

I have to say, the restroom at La Kiva is an excellent illustration of how primitive design can be adapted to modern use. Most creative.

As for strange urinals, possibly the most extreme ones were those that Virgin Atlantic Airways wanted to install at its terminal in JFK Airport - they looked like women's mouths. There was quite an outcry when the plans became public and airline management decided to drop the idea.

Foo said...

I like the rusted... sorry... rustic look of the first one, but I'd have to give the second a miss.

So to speak.

joared said...

This post gives new meaning to the phrase "bathroom humor." Ah, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If they're functional, anything goes! ;-)

Cowtown Pattie said...

Susan, I can see you have an artist's soul!

DarkoV - You said "PROBOSCIS" !!!
LOL...pissatorium. You are a riot.

Trace - sure you do, fire away!

Peter - I saw the pictures of Virgin's bathrooms. Creative, no?

Foo - One man's rusted is another man's rustic. A miss....oh, Foo!

Joared - I wonder how feng shui masters would design urinals?

Kay Dennison said...

I saw a site dedicated to public restrooms years ago but this takes the cake!!!!!!!!!! lol

Bill said...

See, you have to understand that this is what men are given this pot to pee in -- and so, it is no wonder that when I went to a concert in Chicago, the men were crowded around the sinks, not washing their hands, but peeing. It is a step up.

Foo said...

Kay: takes the... urinal cake?

Anonymous said...

I call them urinal "biscuits" myself.

A coffee table book screams to be published about urinals. I'd title it, "Stand and Deliver."

- Texas T-bone

Anonymous said...

How ...cute!? Creative, too. Practical.
Girl, I am glad that I'm a female!