Monday, June 25, 2007

Is that a Gauntlet On My Grass?

Or is it a:

7 Possibly Truthful Things meme?

The generosity of spirit, the sharing of the all things bloggity is the trademark of The Dark-man. He has tagged me for this newest round of "Show us your underwear".

So here goes:

(1) At the age of 7, I had the "hard" red measles. I was forbidden to watch television as the measles could "go to your eyes". So, I hid "Black Beauty" and "Five Little Peppers and How They Grew" under my bed to read when no one was wiser.

I started wearing glasses when I was 23.

(2). At the age of 7, I had a nighttime paralyzing fear that space beings were going to come into my bedroom, that the earth would be invaded by strange aliens from the Milky Way or Mars. The full moon seem to be the impetus of each of these episodes.

(3). At the age of 7, we lived just below a cemetery on a busy highway. My backyard playground was here among dead strangers whose headstones became a game to read. I was especially fond of a WWII vet whose handsome face looked back at me from the little glass oval on his monument. I don't remember his name, and his face is a fading memory. I used to share funeral flowers with all the inhabitants. I would take flowers off of a new grave or one that had been heaped with new floral goodies and share with other graves that seemed forgotten or lonesome. I never thought of it as theft. I wonder if I started some long-ago feud with the still earthly-bound families who saw their just purchased lily arrangement divided and displayed among 5 or 6 old graves. (Rach, do you suppose this was a mystic imprinting that later caused me to be totally enamoured of cemeteries?)

(4). At the age of 7, my dad took me to the local small town barber who cut off my long baby-fine blonde hair into a Buster Brown bob. My mother was horrified, and promptly gave me a "Toni" permanent, further adding insult. Right before second grade class photos.

(5). At the age of 17, I sat in the sixth row aisle floor seats at Will Rogers Coliseum to hear Led Zepplin in concert. I was cool enough to continue to pass around the many joints, but not brave enough to put my mouth on something ten strangers had sucked on. I tried to just inhale deeply of the haze hanging above me, convinced I was getting high. ( The dizziness was probably induced from hyperventilation and inner ear trauma.)

(6). At the age of 17, I rode with my boyfriend (who later became hubby no. 1) on the back of a Honda 500 motorcycle to the gulf coast of Texas. My mother knew, but my dad thought we had gone in a car to said boyfriend's parent's vacation home. (Yes, his parental units were in residence at the vacation home.)

(7). At the age of 17, I drove a 1956 pale green Cadillac Fleetwood (owned by same boyfriend - refer to no. 6 above). When the hit movie, "The Godfather" came to the Ridglea Theatre on Camp Bowie, we rolled the windows down and drove slowly by the queue of movie-goers outside the ticket glass as we pantomimed shooting a tommygun at them. RAT-A-TAT-TAT. (Can it be called a pantomime if you use sound-effects?)

Who to tag?

How about... YOU.


DarkoV said...

Hey CP!
Thanks for showing us your....knickers. Seventeen seems to have been a humungous year for you; did any of the events hit the local papers?

As always, thanks for being such a good sport about this meme-ing thing.

Whisky Prajer said...

Led Zep at Will Rogers ... now I'm feeling dizzy!

SpookyRach said...

Love this list!!

Yep, I think an inner mysticism is a prerequisite for taphophilia. Fer sure.

Anonymous said...

OH, MY!! I thought I was the only person in the world who read "The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew." I may still have that book stored away. What a blast from the past!