Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bringing the Desert to Cowtown

If we can't live in the Bend just yet, we can at least create a little bit of it in our own yard.

Kman worked all weekend in the front flower bed, removing the outsized "foundation" shrubs that came with the house. Out with the old boxwoods, in with the new yuccas.

We (Kman is wanting to know which "we" that would be *grin*) planted a spanish dagger, blue agave, lechuguilla, sotol, weeping yucca, red yucca, icicle plant (can't find a photo), Mexican feather grass, autumn glow muhly grass, and other pretty little flowers like daisies and frosty fire dianthus.

Here is the online web album for the photos. First three photos were taken in the backyard of the just-blooming crab apple tree.

Now "we" just need to come up with a new western designed mailbox to go on top of the whiskey barrel!


Trace said...

Gorgeous Pattie!

I really had the fever on Friday. Did you happen by my post? I'm not finished yet. I want more...more I tell ya'!

The photos are simply beautiful. We are gonna' make our gardens grow, girlfriend.

Trace said...

I really like the autumn glow muhley grasss

joared said...

Looks real nice and environmentally sound! Glad to hear "we" is working on this project. Does "you" ever contribute? Yeah, I know, somebody has to provide emotional support.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man! This is making me feel lazy. I have been so slow to get out and do any gardening this season.

You know you could take down that turned-wood spindle post holding up your porch and replace it with a big old cedar post to blend in with your western look.

prairie point

Janie said...

Pattie - hie thee west to my yard, girlie-girl....

or should I say hie the both of thee west...


Anonymous said...

Yay, you're going native with your yard. We've declared this the Year of Getting Things Done, so we will prolly transplant the boxwoods somewhere less prominent and get all Smartscapey and rugged, too. The pics look great!

- Texas T-bone

Hokule'a Kealoha said...

beautiful, going native is the best way to go. Im looking forward to seeing more as you move forward.The pics are great!