Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Roll That Beautiful Bean Footage..."

A few weeks ago I was contacted by John Lindner of the Baltimore Sun requesting a podcast conversation for his Blography column.

I was floored, I was flattered, and I was speechless (well, speechless for about 2 seconds).

John is a charming host, and it was really easy (probably too easy I have decided after listening to my podcast - do I never learn when to stop that flow of Texas yatter, or how to be brief and concise?) to talk to him. He made it fun, and I had a great time doing it.

One of the questions was about bloggers I have met in person and I am embarrassed to say I forgot to mention two very handsome guys, and I apologize to Jeff and Steve. In fact, I think Elisson was one of my earliest blogroll additions and readers, and I am mortified I didn't at least acknowledge him. Forgive me fellows, I was scriptless and had a blonde moment.

So, if you are curious about what my voice sounds like (Jeff Foxworthy's sister) and you can stand several minutes of Texas accent, then here's your link.


Jim said...

I'm a big fan too. And you are a writer.

Annie in Austin said...

Thanks for the link, Pattie! In my mind you always sounded like Ann Richards, so I'll have to let your real voice overwrite the old mental sound file. This was such a leisured interview - it was fun to hear you touch on many different subjects, including the fascinating genealogy.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

Alright mom, I listened to your interview and I have to say that Even today, if I invited a stranger i met on the internet to come sleep at my house, You would still have a panic attack. I still love you though and congrats on the interview, very texan!!Love, Lara

Anonymous said...

It was fun to hear your actual voice. Nice long interview. Like Lara said, "very Texan."

My wife would probably kill me if I issued an invitation over the internet for strangers to come spend the night at our house.

prairie point

Elisson said...

Aw, you're forgiven, Miz Pattie. Nice to hear that lovely voice again.

Digital Rodney said...

Hey Pattie,

Good to hear from you! Yep, we got two good snowstorms, about 8 to 12 inches apiece, and it has kept me truck bound! Spring seems around the corner. Won't be going south west this year, going back to Wisconsin and to West Virginia.
Maybe I will post a pic of the snowstorm!! Happy traveling, but right now I have PMS - Parked Motorcycle Syndrome!!

Digital Rodney

joared said...

Enjoyed your podcast conversation. You made blogging sound downright interesting! Surely was nice of you to spend so much time helping that new blogger on the West Coast. I'm sure she appreciated it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Snoring husbands (or wives) have launched a gamillion blogs, I'm sure. Now we're all going to hear your voice every time we read yer blog.

- Texas T-bone

milliegarfield said...

Congratulations Pattie!! That was a great interview - I loved hearing your Texas accent - really nice.

And what a hostess you are, lucky bloggers to connect with you.

Your enthusiasm came through beautifully!! Great job!!

SpookyRach said...

How cool is that!?!! You say dauntin' just like I do, ha ha! Loved your interview - you have such an easy, freewheeling style. Keep writing!

Karen said...

I listened. It was fun to hear your voice. Good job.
I'm a Gemini, too, we have to stick together!

Clarence said...

I swear Pattie. I didn't hear an accent at all. But then, I live in Kentucky and we have accents.

Enjoyed the interview all the same cause I understood every rambling word.

It's good to have a voice to go with the great writing.