Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Simple Tastes

I recently read DarkoV's list of road trip music he listened to on his way to visit his "coop-flyer" away at college. I didn't find much on that list that was familiar to me, except for some Little Feat and Los Lobos.

My taste in music is varied, but tends to be less exotic than most folks. And you can't get more mainstream and commercial than Jimmy Buffett. But, let me tell ya right now buckeroos, his new cd is excellent: Take the Weather With You. It was such a thrill to hear those steel drums again.

I've listened to this cd for 4 times and with each spin-through it just gets better and better. This is Buffett Deluxe and I love it. Okay, when I saw "Silver Wings" listed, I had my doubts, but I should have known better. Merle's is still the best, but Jimmy's musical interpretation and timing makes the song his own unique sound.

Lots of cover tunes here, and not much of the old storyteller we love, but his ode to Katrina victims, "Breathe In, Breathe Out" is quintessential Buffett. One of the original Coral Reefer band members joins in the fun, Doyle Grisham, and of course, there are the signature steel drums ala Robert Greenidge from Trinidad. Sonny Landreth's steel guitar is so rockin' on "Wheel Inside the Wheel", I prefer it to Mary Gauthier's original tune.

This is not Jimmy's best album by a long shot, but I'll take it any day over his last country pop cd, "License to Chill".

And these lyrics from his cd "Far Side of the World" really sums up Jimmy these days:

I might as well admit it
There's been a time or two
When I contemplate retirement for a while
But a hundred years from now
They'll still be asking how
As they gaze upon on my taxidermic smile

They're gonna see the last man standing
Still got a fun ticket in my hand
Gonna be the last man standing
Takin' off before I land

Old Parrotheads never die, they just lose a few feathers along the way...

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Anonymous said...

I thought Old Parrotheads usually end up drunk and screwed. Or maybe they turn into cheeseheads.


on-my-mind said...

It's been years since I listened to him. Do you remember "Pencil Thin Mustache"? I enjoyed that one - a kicking around kind of fun...

DarkoV said...

Well, CP, perhaps I should take another listen to Mr. Buffett. I enjoyed him in the mid to late '70s and then rejected him completely as a corporate sell-out. I think "Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitudes" was the last album I enjoyed. I don't think Walkmans had come out yet, it was that long ago. In fact, I dumped Buffett so as to concentrate on Jerry Jeff. Still feel I made the right choice (not that a choice had to be made..), but maybe I should give the profiteer another chance.
Not that he needs any more money from me.
...and he was pretty good buddies with Steve Goodman, am all-time favorite of mine. So, he can't have sold out completely..

Hokule'a said...

yes I love JB too and was thinking HMMM I may buy that one... think I will with your reccomendation

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Cowtown Pattie said...

Mohan Shrestha:

Why what a kind and personal gesture to leave such a tender comment! I am sure the Herd really appreciates all those wonderfully chosen websites.