Monday, October 09, 2006

Our Sisters of the Ostentatious

It was the fall of 1992, and Right Said Fred was getting far "too sexy for his shirt". In an attempt to outdo even Fred, these three sisters helped keep florists' registers ringing and boyfriends scrambling for an advance on their meager allowances.

Each sister had the appropriately sized mum befitting birth status and thus preventing WWIII in their humble domicile and shared bedrooms; for it would never do to have Elder Sister sport a less than triple-decker, over-the-shoulder, mum harness complete with: count 'em - not one, nay two, but THREE stuffed mascot bears!

*This photo is submitted by the Mother Superior of the Sisters of the Ostentatious with their blessings and hopes of preventing shoulder pain, wrenched necks and silly historical preservation of campy high school d'objets d'art for young women all over Texas (not to mention the salvation of young mens' wallets and sense of male pride).

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Kimberly said...

And here I thought that they'd maxed out the size of Texas homecoming mums when I was in high school, 14 years before this photo was taken. But even the largest triple mums I remember could still be pinned onto one's shoulder... and there were lots of ribbons and trinkets, but no stuffed bears (my high school mascot, too) attached.

Between this photo and the first episode of Friday Night Lights last week, I feel transported back in time.

DarkoV said...

O.K. now CP, you've shown clear eveidence as to how adorable and beautiful your daughters are.

Now, the Big Question.

Which of the three are the most likely (and capable) of putting someone in their place, be that in a verbal fisticuffs sort of way, or a traditional Texan wrastlin' move.

My chips are on LovelY Lass #3.

SpookyRach said...

Oh. My. God.

Wow. Those were some committed boyfriends, let me tell ya!

And no wonder, with such beautiful girls!

Karen said...

The whole mum thing is fascinating to me. It's a Texas thing, as you well know, and I have enjoyed seeing them here.

Gwynne said...

I am completely flummoxed at the whole "mum" thing but my, what a sweet round up of Our Sisters!

DarkoV said...

Hey Gwynne, on that picture of you on your Blog Id? That's the outside wall of Dubrovnik behind you, right?

Great picture.

Anonymous said...

Yes, with Texas mums it is the size that matters. At my high school, the girl with the largest one was pumped full with helium and flown over the stadium (as The Goodyear Mum). I was lucky, only had one girlfriend come homecoming time in high school. However, the measure of an acceptable mum is having your date trip over it at least once. Proud to say the one I bought passed the test. My sister still has some of her mums from years ago ... would have had to pay extra to have the trash men haul them off.

- T-bone

Gwynne said...

Good eye, DarkoV!

bill said...

Such pretty young ladies.

And that photo is going to be a family conversation piece for your grandkids some day.

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Pattie,
I read this post with the darling photos earlier in the week and enjoyed it; today I saw a related story on a favorite garden site out of Austin. Have you seen this story?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose