Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy All Hallows, m'Beauties!

Read about the real Elizabeth Bathory (and be sure to have your sound up - nice little tune) at this site.

You can buy this and other quaint little collections here.


cassie-b said...

And a happy Halloween to you.

What a picture!

whisky prajer said...

I was a little amused to see Rasputin among McFarlane's monsters. There's no doubt he was a strange man by our lights, but the only death he seemed to bring about was his own.

DarkoV said...

It's funny how many countries want to claim Ms. Bathory for her very own. While Hungary is the main claimant and was a much larger country than it is nowadays, it's funny that the castle she spent most of her blood-letting in is located in today's Slovakia, which, I believe, was part of Bavaria and Austrian Monarchy. It wasn't Austria-Hungary nor Hungary for a 100 years or so.

Must be the possibility of tourism that's churning up the claims.

Anonymous said...

I read about Countess Bathory in a book of my mother's when I was about 11 and if I hadn't scared my sisters half to death with my own rendition I would have never been found out. As it was I was in hot water for raiding the Forbidden Glass Bookcase :-) and suddenly the Marquis de Sade and Colette were removed overnight - too late I had read them both. De Sade was too much French - at 11 they only teach you how to buy a croissant and a tampon - but from Colette I learned being queer wasn't so queer. I am giggling like silly at the memories this evokes.

Trace said...

Yikes what a picture! Hope you had a happy halloween. This, of course is belated. Gonna' go read the story 'bout Ms. Bathory now. Should be nice for bedtime...hugs!