Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Many Nods to Noded

A most Noded blogger created the new signage over on my sidebar.

Cool beans, huh?

jr also often posts some wonderful photographs, like this one I recently fell in love with.

Thanks for the artwork, jr, I needed some brightening over here!


Karen said...

You look mahvelous, darling! Great sidebar.

Roger Bourland said...

I like! More subtle, yet still with attitude, Texas style!

GUYK said...

Hey..looks like me and sweetthing are gonna be in Archer City sometime in November. I want to check out that bookstore..maybe we can see you there

cassie-b said...

Looks terrific.

Have a great weekend!
And I loved the picture of the clouds

Joared said...

Surely do like your new signage -- smart and sassy -- suits you to a Texas "T" !!