Sunday, September 10, 2006

Add To Your "Gotta Read" List!

Last week I had the pleasure of reading Mary Scriver's new book, Twelve Blackfeet Stories. In fact, I am still reading the last few pages.

The storyline begins in the 1700's and follows twelve generations of Blackfeet. Each chapter is complete unto itself, but stays nicely linked with characters. Both memorable and surprising, the people in these pages come to life under the flowing words of a very good writer.

There is another hidden jewel in each of these twelve tales, but I won't give it away; see if you can figure it out for yourself. For a hint, visit Prairie Mary's blog and stay for a long read.

You can get your own copy from Lulu, click here. An added benefit, I am discovering that Lulu is a great site to explore for reading material you won't find anywhere else.

Mary has been gracious enough to help me with understanding my Choctaw and Cherokee family ancestry. She has steered me in the right direction for gathering clues; poked me when I veered off track and fell back into old uneducated belief patterns. This lady knows her stuff, and I am the richer for having met her.

Good reading!

- Photo by Edward S. Curtis


goldenlucyd said...

Thanks for the tip Pattie. I enjoy well-written and researched historical fiction and since moving west am much more interested in Native American subjects than I was before. I think you're fortunate to have NA ancestry and would enjoy hearing about your discoveries.
All the best!

Joared said...

This sound like a fascinating read. Gal that does my hair is part Okla. Cherokee. She was lamenting the shape of her nose the other day. I told her she should be proud, that showed her classic Cherokee Native American lines.