Saturday, September 23, 2006

Archer City

Kman and I got up early this morning and headed northwest. Drove through some brief but serious rain showers, then a nice cool norther came in, the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day to be country driving.

We were headed for Archer City to visit that famed book store owned by Larry McMurtry - "Booked Up". Stopped in Jacksboro to have breakfast and due to the unavoidable ease of hearing booth neighbors, was privvy to a strange conversation. More on that later. Suffice it to say, Jimmy Swaggart must have kinfolks in Jacksboro, Texas. I about choked on my waffle listening the tales coming from that booth behind me. It was better than a skit from SNL.

While driving through the little German town of Windthorst, we stopped to look at this amazing Catholic Church:


The grotto was erected in 1949, and was a tribute to all the men from the little community who fought in WWII and returned home safely. I believe the memorial said they all returned alive and without serious injuries. Looked like about 40 names or more on the plaque.

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Then, we stopped in Weinzapfel's General Store ( see the new Jeep!) and got some soda pop, gum and lifesavers. Cool old wooden floors, and old meat market counters inside.


The photo below is of the Archer City movie theater; remember "The Last Picture Show?"
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I am not sure why I didn't take some photos of all the Booked Up places, but trust me, this place is b-a-a-a-d on your wallet. I was making a stack of books that I intended to purchase until I stopped to add up what I had collected. Yikes! Some went back on the shelf. This is not your old Half-Priced Bookstore, my friend. But, there are some delicious titles and one-of-a-kind treasures to be had.

Oh, and we never saw Larry. Darn.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that church is German. It looks rather Italian, in fact there are a number of churches in that style in Connecticut, built decades ago by Italiam immigrant parishioners.

Iron Rails & Iron Weights

Hokule'a said...

I know what you mean I am shipping back books that I bought and I didnt go to my favorite book buying plcae here in my home place cause I knew that it would be a disaster if I did.

Thank you for the kind words. I am doing well and will be back home in a few days.

Jim said...

I was in that general store when I went up there a few years back. It was cool. So was the book store, all five buildings of it.

Great pics!

denise said...

Booked Up is such a great place. And all the little places on the way up there are pretty cool, too. I'm glad you went! :)

SpookyRach said...

Yup, love the bookstore. I've been to the church too - its cool!

Glad to know Jackson and I aren't the only incorrigible restaurant eavesdroppers out there. That's one of our favorite activities!

Wanda Tucker said...

Sounds like a terrific weekend morning activity. And what a beautiful day for a ride in the new Jeep!

If you ever come to Portland, go to Powell's. People come from all over to go there. It is an entire city block--two stories. And that's just the original store.

bill said...

I still haven't ever made it up there to the bookstore myself. Maybe I can make a journey later this fall.

I remember seeing that grotto in Windthorst long ago. I love that kind of small-town stuff.

DarkoV said...

Great photos, CP. 40 men out to war; 40 men back. Incredible. I'd be building a grotto as well...and rubbing it everyday that I'm still alive.

About that theatre picture. Is that the actual "Last Picture Show" theatre? Looks pretty dran close.

Whisky Prajer said...

That book store sounds like a place that might well require me to pack two of my proverbial book suitcases. Gee, I'm getting the urge to go for a (very long) drive.

Kate said...

Coffee table book - quick before they disappear. Texas Courthouses. Start with this one or Stevenville,, you could make some bucks.

Cowtown Pattie said...

Hi, Kate! What a nice surprise.

Oh, I 'spect they've been done doncha think? But, what a job. Getting paid to go 'round photographing history in Texas...

Anonymous said...

I heard ol' Larry doesn't hang out at the store as much as he used to. Maybe he was at Dairy Queen.

Noticed on your Jeep that you've proudly displayed your "I Love Texas T-bone" bumper sticker. Or is that some inferior adornment? :-)

- Texas T-bone

Cowtown Pattie said...

T-bone, is there a "Texas T-bone" bumper sticker?

Are you running for Gubner, too?

That nice pretty red bumper sticker is a "He Ain't Kinky, He's My Governor" sticker.

I recommend ya'll shop here for your very own Kinky sticker:

cassie-b said...

It sounds as if you had a really good day.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.


Jim said...


Do it! You'll not regret it.