Friday, September 30, 2005

"Son, I've seen more dead bodies than you've had TV dinners."

This week the new series, "Night Stalker" began and Kman and I watched it hoping it to prove as lovable as the 1972 version.

It was okay, but it had better pick up the acting and plot or it will not last the full season.

The best part was spying a digitally added flash of the original Kolchak, Darren McGavin in a newpaper room scene, and the innocently placed straw hat ala Kolchak of old. I did not read any spoilers about these, and it was great spotting them all by our lonesome (Kman watched it with me, and we both turned to each other with "did you see what I saw" kind of expression on our faces).

I am a sci-fi-aholic. So, this season's new shows are just right up my Twilight Zone. Not sure everyone of them will be hits, but I am walkin' in high cotton for the time being. Only problem - next year there will probably be a dearth of good sci-fi. Oh well, that's why man invented reruns...

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