Friday, September 30, 2005

10 Years After and Other Memes

Duck Duck Goose, and it's my turn under the microscope, thanks to my buddy, Jim:

10 Years Ago:
Ten years ago I had left the medical profession after 8 years, and begun a new career in commercial real estate. I had just escaped lightly from what might have been a very serious or even terminal illness, thanks to the great strides in medicine testing for cancer cells. Ten years ago, my favorite Bryan Adams tune was on the top of the charts with, "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?". And, my oldest daughter graduated from high school magna cum laude.

5 Years Ago:
My father died. The year 2000 will always be a life marker for me.

1 Year Ago:
A year of both great joy and great adjustments. I never expected to be a new bride at 50, with a whole other family to love and help raise.

…The great heatwave of 2005 broke record temperatures this week, and yesterday the climate gods brought a norther.

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
Hostess Snowballs - the pink ones. Duh. Fresh, pop-when-you-bite-them purple seedless grapes. Smoked gouda cheese with Ritz crackers. El Fenix tortilla chips and hot sauce. Crunchy, sweet baby carrots with ranch dressing.

5 Songs I Know All the Words To:
"Oh, Lord, Won't You Buy Me a Mercedes Benz" by Janis Joplin. "Southern Man", by Neil Young. "I Got A Brand New Pair of Roller Skates" by Melanie. "Crazy" by Patsy Cline. "Hazy Shade of Winter" by Simon and Garfunkel.

5 Things I’d Do with 100 Million Dollars:
Give most to my family, buy a big ranch in the Big Lonesome ( Big Bend area of Texas), travel with Kman, and have my very own library and writing room.

5 Places I’d Run Away To:
Big Bend and Davis Mountains area; Maui; Tin Cup, Colorado; highlands and lochs of Scotland; Yellowstone/eastern Montana area.

5 Things I’d Never Wear:
A tattoo; thong underwear; body piercings other than a single pair of earrings; a mustache; a kimono

5 Favorite TV Shows:
Johnny Carson show; I Love Lucy; Lost; Deadwood; most anything HGTV

5 Biggest Joys:
My husband, my family, reading in an easy chair late at night, poking around any garage sale or thrift shop; traveling to new places.

5 Favorite Toys:
My computer, our old turn table, my books, a well-worn Texas map of backroads, my one cup coffee maker from Starbucks.

5 Fine Folks Who Can Now Consider Themselves Tagged:
Kate. Fcb. DarkoV. Idgie. Bill.

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