Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Unmitigated Gall Strikes Again

(*Update: I will grant the reporter one concession, she did seem to manage a better tone on her mention of this wonderful Mom)

Yesterday, I read this Washington Post article. My anticipation of a good write-up of my friend, Ronni , was in vain. Instead, I was insulted and amazed once again of the unmitigated gall* of some folk.

*Unmitigated - absolute
*Gall - outrageous insolence

If the reporter did not want to do the story, she should have selected a more suitable topic for her writing skills. Perhaps a story on bitter herbs? A write-up on tasteless wearing apparel? Her snarky tone would work wonders with those topics.

Pooh on the Post for bad journalism. Good thing I do have something better to read!

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