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Tuesday, October 11, 2022


I hinted yesterday to my old Bloggy friend,WhiskyPrajer, that I would attempt a blogpost.

I am in a strange-to-me place in life at the current time of 16:12 on October 11th: recently retired and living on cornbread, beans, and fried potatoes while coming to grips with a 68 year-old body that was chained to a desk gangplank most of her life. I suddenly understand the colloquialism "hair shirt" more personally. I once felt at ease at this blogging game, but now...it's like trying to type on a rusty old manual Underwood that's lived for decades in an abandoned beach shack, said "hair shirt" a constant irritation.

Finally sitting at my bedroom desk last evening, trying to remember the html tricks I once memorized and executed effortlessly, the damned keyboard remained silent. It was uncomfortable and I gave up in both sadness and frustration; sighing heavily I headed downstairs to our lovely deck with my Alexa speaker and a bottle of cheap Rioja. (My oft-summoned muse in the form of Hemingway approved the motion.)

A few weeks ago while searching for the early bloggers I once communicated with almost daily, I gave thought to some wonderful voices now silent except for their ghostly postings still online (for which I am grateful):

Mary Scrivener as Prairie Mary
Steve Krodman as Lost in the Cheese Aisle
Bruce Brownlee as BleakMouse
Chris Locke as Kat Herding
Ronni Bennett as Time Goes By

Maybe I will reconnect and find my old voice; more likely it will be a NEW old voice -vintage with some Bitters of Experience, heavy on the bite.

Yours Till the Cows Come Home - CP


Anonymous said...

Yay! Brava! Cool! This took a lot of courage, I know. After years of being silent, I hope to see a resurgence of old and newer blogging friends. We need seasoned voices more than ever.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Thanks mucho

Joe said...

Glad you’re taking another pass at it. You were always too good to not do it.

Kurt McGill said...

À la recherche du temps perdu...

Anonymous said...

Monsieur Proust gives me a whispered warning of what might lurk...