Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunday Christians

Courtesy of Mike Perry who blogs at the Alpine Daily Planet:

One more example of how we've become a state of 'Sunday Christians' 
          By Michael Barajas, from the San Antonio Current

Here's Mike's Editor's Note:

     This is one more story that illustrates how Texas (particularly its Legislature) has become a state of Sunday Christians. That is, we’re pretty good at loving our neighbor while sitting in that pew on Sunday morning. But the other six days of the week? Well, we’re not very nice people. We are proving at the ballot box and in the legislature that cutting taxes for the wealthiest among us is far more important that tackling the important social issues that confront a state of 24 million souls. We have a governor running for president who’s constantly bragging about the Texas economic miracle, a miracle built on the suffering of the state’s disadvantaged and helpless. This also is one more story that illustrates how our current Legislature is hell bent on cutting programs just for the sake of making cuts – even when the cuts result in greater costs to the state. That’s sheer idiocy, which is probably the best adjective available for the under-educated, misguided fools we elected in November.

Mike Perry is a great guy.  You'll love his blog.


Wanda said...

Hear, hear!

joared said...

Great item and hope it doesn't end up being Calif., too, since we're in big budget doo doo like Texas.

Writer has a fascinating item on his blog now about a healthcare story nightmare for nurses trying to do the right thing.

Darlene said...

Where is Molly Ivins when you need her? God, how I miss her funny op-ed pieces on the 'leggie'.