Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Libby, Montana

THIS is just part of the vast number of reasons why I don't trust Corporate America to "do the right thing" in regards to the proposed nuclear waste dump in Andrews, Texas.

And the company was acquitted of any criminal misconduct. Oh, and after this pronouncement of acquittal? The company stock jumped up 38%.



Anonymous said...

When EPA came to Libby in 1999 and we the sheeple were told why we are sick and dying, THREE Generations of my family were told.Over 2000 people tested found something wrong(duh) oh but EPA was going to save us.In 2000, EPA spent $17,000 dollars on advertisment selling Libby Mt as a safe place to live and raise a family. Epa met with the powers to be and said, we have a oppitunity to make millions here. BUT, we have to downplay the exposure.And since then, this is what Libby Mt has been all about. And now, 10 years and over 300 million,gone, not one human being has been protected.The Town is either clean or safe but THEY have to say cleanER and safER to should where this money and trime went.BUT!! Then, come to find out, at the WR disGrace trial that WR Grace tested this Libby fiber in late 60s and rats died from Mesothelioma.Then early 70, EPA and OSHA did same tests and rats died from Mesothelioma.(Proving THEN that Libby Tremolite IS the cause of Mesothelioma. THEN from 1979 to 2002, another study called Meso in Montana, counted Meso deaths in the State of Mt of people who died of Meso who just live next to a Rail Road route...out of Libby.Got to check this out.So then EPA comes to Libby as if they knew nothing but truth is they knew this day would come 30 years prior and continue to kill more and more by selling Libby as safe...Since 2000, I tell everyone the truth.Stay away and no children left behind.And we continue to die with nothing as millions are spent with no care for the health and safety of human beings.Selling Libby as safe is murder.Who will stop this??? Who will be responsible? Who the hell cares. Stay away from Libby Mt and read mike crill Libby....The only person saving people and children from Libby...Thanks for your help too.

Cowtown Pattie said...

Dear Libby Anon:

Thank you for stopping by TT. I can tell by your "voice" you are very disgusted with not only the EPA, but the misconduct of corporate America and the "look the other way" attitude when $,$$$,$$$ is involved.

My sincerest condolences to you and yours.