Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hankerin' for a Hunk o' Cheese?

One of my most longtime bloggy friends, Elisson, has a "shiny new crib" (to quote the great Obi Wan of Blogging.)

I have thusly fixed my blogroll (The Herd) to reflect his new place: Lost in the Cheese Aisle

Ya'll go fix yours, or get to addin' this new address to ye olde blogge.

As Mar-chul Dillon-tinez might have called him, Cheester will keep you pinching your nose from da stink...

And I LOVE this response to the question of "why blog?" from said Cheester:

Blogging is unique, the only medium in which you can create a self-selected social milieu of people with those talents and interests that appeal to you. The thread that ties you all together is nothing more - or less - than the things you write, and through reciprocal or concatenating linkage and comments, that thread is woven into a true fabric of communication.

Ain't it da twooth?

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