Monday, June 21, 2010

Guitar Men

If you were tuning into HBO's Concert to celebrate the anniversary of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, you might have been fortunate enough to catch this combo of musicians:

Bruce Springsteen is absolutely the showman. I grow more appreciative of his talent every time I see him perform. The concert paired many an odd musical duos, but this one with Tom Morello and Bruce playing a rendition of "The Ghost of Tom Joad" was outstanding.

Although I am sure this question makes the rounds all the time, got me to thinking of other guitar men of rock and I wonder, how would TT readers rank them, given these choices (including Tom Morello above, previously with Rage Against the Machine):

Carlos or Eric?

Duane Allman?

David Gilmour?

Jeff Beck?

Mark Knopfler?

Stevie Ray Vaughn?

Joe Walsh? (if you want to skip to about 3:46, you get Funk 49 or catch the second video with a much better sound track of Funk 49)

Jimi Hendrix?


Ole Phat Stu said...

Where is Steve Vai?
And Joe Satriani?

K. said...

What a great set of performances! No one like Duane and Jimi. What about George Harrison and Pete Townshend?

Morello has joined the Boss for "Tom Joad" in the past. I wrote about it here:

in the context of The Grapes of Wrath.

Cowtown Pattie said...

Stu, great additions! Definitely contenders, maybe moreso than some on my list.

K, I thought about adding George, and he surely deserves all accolades. For some reason Pete gets on my last nerve...

Anonymous said...

Mom, you know you dont have to ask me, Rage Against the Machine will always be one of my all time favorite bands (first concert and all, even if you did tell me I couldnt go), The ghost of Tom Joad is a Great one.... RAGE

jr said...

all very good. I would like to add Lindsey Buckingham. Guess underneath them all is Jimi Hendrix. Riffs that no one else can do.

Anonymous said...

Hey CP, you left out the two best I've ever seen, Albert Lee and Robbie Robertson, and the best I haven't seen, and sadly won't, Michael Bloomfield.

To see Albert play (and here's a shameless plug) check out

Peter Tibbles

Kay Dennison said...

I absolutely love this -- I live an hour south of the Rock Hall of Fame and love to go up there at enshrinement time but was away this year.

I'm a bit sentimental about Joe Walsh -- we were both members of the freshman class at Kent State University in the fall of '65. I won't claim I knew him well -- he played in the bar bands and I danced and drank beer in the bars so we had a nodding acquaintance.

He is a long time fav of mine.

K. said...

Richard Thompson. Warren Haynes. Derek Trucks. And don't forget Dickey Betts -- overshadowed by Duane, but a monster in his own right. This is fun.

Cowtown Pattie said...

I guess I ought to add Frank Zappa to this list, no?

Good suggestions, ya'll! We might construe quite a compendium.

Stu again said...

Gary Moore

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